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​If you are tired of the conventional "old fashioned" buildings that cost you too much time and money during design & construction, plus high operational costs? Congratulations, the solution is FINALLY HERE.

KESK (which means “Green” in the Kurdish language), by Basima Abdulrahman, will change the way buildings and communities planned, constructed, maintained and operated in Iraq. KESK is the first initiative established to embrace the concept of green design and construction in the country. 


KESK offers high-performance and sustainable building consulting services. Our services include developing strategies that produce the best lifecycle cost impact with enhanced environmental performance. In other words, KESK promotes green building design.


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Meet The Team

Basima Abdulrahman 

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Founder & CEO

Amna Nassir

Sustainable Architecture Designer

Rwan Kaka Salh

Architect, BEM Analyst 

Hussien Nassir

Green Energy Specialist 

Delovan Delawer

 Cheif Architect


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100 Meter Street

Ankawa, Erbil, Iraq 


Mobile: +964-750-4844413

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