What is a Solar PV system ?

Solar cells, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells by scientists, convert sunlight directly into direct current (DC) electricity. Then the direct current is either stored in batteries or inverted to alternating current (AC) using an inverter

What is a Solar panel ?

Solar panels are comprised of several individual solar cells which are themselves composed of layers of silicon, phosphorus, and boron. Solar panels absorb the photons and initiate an electric current

What is a solar inverter and how does it work ?

Solar inverters are one the main components of a solar PV system. Inverters invert direct current from a wide range of voltages from the solar panels and batteries to alternating current which can power household appliances 

What is battery storage and why are they important ?

Batteries are energy storage technology devices that use chemicals to absorb and release energy on demand. Batteries are crucial components of hybrid and off-grid systems because they provide power to the household appliances when the sun isn’t shining and the grid is off

What is an Off-Grid solar system ?

Off-Grid systems are solar PV systems in which the only source of power is the sun, and they require battery storage systems to operate when the sun is not shining

What is a Hybrid solar system ?

Hybrid systems are solar PV systems where several sources of power, such as solar panels, grid, and generators work together to provide uninterrupted power for household appliances 

What is an On-Grid system ?

On-Grid systems are the simplest solar PV systems for generating electricity. On-Grid systems do not require a battery storage system, but they require constant connection to an alternating current power source to feed-in to 

What is KESK’s solar air conditioning system (A/C) ?

KESK solar air conditioners are KESK branded solar air conditioners that are designed to cool and heat user’s indoors from 16 C to 32 C using the incoming power from the solar panels 

How Does KESK’s solar air conditioning system (A/C) work ?

KESK’s solar air conditioner has a built-in solar charge controller that enables it to draw maximum possible power from the solar panels during peak sunny hours. Furthermore, it can utilize the grid power during night, and it can mix grid and PV power during cloudy days, early mornings, and late afternoons

Why should I use KESK’s air conditioning system ?

KESK’s solar air conditioner is distinguished from other air conditioners by its three excellent features. To begin with, KESK’s solar air conditioner operates without need for grid and generator electricity during daylight. Also, KESK’s solar (A/C) has current limiter function in which the incoming current from grid or neighbourhood generator can be limited. Last but not least, KESK’ solar (A/C) can be controlled and monitored remotely through an online application

Can a solar array increase the value of my home ?

Yes! Several studies demonstrate that solar homes are worth more money and sell more quickly. See our blog post for more details: How Much Does Solar Increase the Value of Your Home 

What can affect the amount of solar energy received ?

The strength of the solar energy (radiation) available depends on the time of year, the time of day, and the latitude of the generation point. The amount of energy that the system generates can change due to:

  •  the amount of dust and water vapor in the air
  • how much cloud cover 
  • any shading of the solar panels
  • and the quality of the solar modules

Can a solar PV system generate power during Dusty days ?

Yes, they can. However, their output is reduced by up to 40% in heavy dusty days

What size system will I need to run my home ?

Use our solar system calculator

If my energy requirements increase, can I upgrade the system ?

Yes. You can get additional solar panels at any time to increase generating capability but you might have to upgrade to a larger inverter. Alternatively, you could purchase a larger inverter when installing the system initially and then plan to add some extra solar panels later

Is my building suitable for a solar power system ?

Several aspects will need to be evaluated to determine if your home is a good solar site, such as orientation, space available, shadows on the space available and your current electricity usage. The best site will be one with adequate south-facing roofs that have no shade. Variations on that will cut into the productivity of the system

Does KESK provide a warranty with the system ?

The KESK team does not compromise in the quality of the work they provide. The solar panels have 25 years of performance warranty, the inverters have 5 years of warranty, and on average 5 years of warranty for lithium batteries is provided by the manufacturer

How much power will I be able to produce with a solar array ?

Kurdistan and Iraq have one of the highest photovoltaic power potentials. In most of the sites in Kurdistan and Iraq, each kilowatt of grid-tied solar will produce 5 KWh of power per day or ~1,825 kWh/year of energy